In such a market, where mobile sales are said to be growing far more by the coming years, you can really catch an early edge in your competition market through mind blowing tricks that can be applied to virtual and augmented reality advertising.


  1. Virtual fitting rooms

If you are in the fashion industry, you can hire an expert virtual reality service to build you a fantastic virtual fitting room. The most primitive example is of Lens kart’s try-on feature which is too poorly developed but you can make changes and improvements to it. It will give you an edge over your competitors as they will be able to virtually check how they look in a particular dress or jewelry, for example.


  1. Navigation services

Augmented and virtual reality can be applied skillfully in offering navigation services to your potential customers. For example, a virtual navigation showing real life representations of landmarks finally leading up to your showroom. This can be put up on sign boards beside roads which is definitely an innovative idea very few businesses have thought about.


  1. Virtual business cards

You can build a virtual business card using the techniques of augmented and virtual reality and embed animated stickers in it. You can also embed hyperlinks, 3D pictures, etc. in your virtual business card that takes your customer on a tour of your business through your digital card.


  1. Combine with AI

You can combine augmented and virtual reality with Artificial Intelligence to analyses your consumer's data or needs. On the other hand, this could be applied to show on-site product recommendations to your customer, which is basically a 3D advertising but mediated through an intelligent guess depending on the customer's search history.


  1. Digital Catalog

Hire expert virtual reality service providers or augmented reality service providers to build an interactive digital catalogue and capture the vast market. The catalogues could ideally bear 3D representations of how the product would actually look in real life, but using augmented and virtual reality.

  1. Live sessions

Online live sessions coupled with augmented or virtual reality technology is sure to bring you under the limelight for trying something so new and innovative. You could use it for marketing launches, interactive sessions, competitions, and much more.


  1. Short games

Augmented reality services can be used to create short games on-site for entertainment of the viewer. This can be used in various ways like driving viewers, collecting surveys, assessing choices of consumers, and so on.


  1. Email marketing

Augmented reality services or virtual reality services can be implemented in email marketing to draw attention of consumers. You can send promotional emails having AR or VR footage that will put you under the limelight and create a huge impact and brand image on your consumers.


  1. GIFs

AR and VR can be used to create trending GIFs that go viral on the net but with a logo of your own. If you can get hold of an expert augmented reality service provider, this can be made to happen to bring in huge attention and conversions at the same time.


  1. Apps and instant apps

App and instant app development can be coupled with AR and VR to create a long lasting impact on your consumers. Create an instant app that shows a glimpse of your app but using augmented and virtual reality, this could bring in much downloads if done in an interactive and engaging way.


Innovative techniques have always been at the top of the sales funnel to drive major conversions. For any type of product, with the increase in the online sales market, augmented and virtual reality has made its place in the marketing world for fantasizing customers and marketers alike.