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3D Animation

What Is 3D Animation?

Our 3D Animation Services

3D Character Animation is done either for the Stories or Rhyme Videos, short films, etc. We can do any type of 3D Animation using any characters.
3D Product Videos are great to boost the Product value and show the features of the Product to the customers in the easy and creative way.3D Product videos are engaging and very good for the brand value.
The Game industry is growing very fast and with the Quality Demands that we provide to the game developers our clients benefit from the Best 3D game animations we do.
We have vast experience in doing 3D Medical Videos for many leading Doctors and Hospitals from all around the world. We have shown Processes and techniques used in medical innovation through 3D medical Videos which made it easier for the Hospitals and doctors to transfer the knowledge in an easier and more convenient way.
NFT is a trend these days and with Creative and best 3D NFT Art users are making millions by selling 3D NFT animation videos online.

3D Animation is the art of using motion to bring characters, Backgrounds, Environments, and assets into life.

Artists Follow the proper Pipeline to follow all the steps in order to make sure everything fits perfectly in the Movie or a Game.
Like if we have to make the character move, run and do various other things in the Scene, the Rigging Artist will make sure the Bones and rigging are done in such a way that the 3D Character will be able to perform all the actions in the Animation video.

Animators will be responsible for making the 3D Animation going through with the script with proper timing and physics needed in the scene.

That’s why animators spend quite some time studying the basic principles of motion to make their animations believable.

Here We will Discuss the Various stages we go through to create the Final 3D Animation.

Step 1 : Concept Design

Concept Design is the first step in Animation making.
Where a 2D Artist will come up with the ideas of the characters, Background, and assets in 2D sketches to get approval for the next Stage.

The base Description and ideas are either provided by the client or are Developed by the 2D sketch Concept Artist.

After Finalizing the SKetches The process of Creating the 3D Model is Started.

Step 2 : 3D Modelling & Texturing

3D modeling and Texturing is started on the basis of the Sketch Provided by the Concept artist. 3D Modellers take care of every detail and design the Concept in the 3D Program.

After Getting the perfect shapes and Model, The texturing Artist will texture/Color the Model according to the concept and the requirements.
Both the steps are important as it will be the base for the Quality and Output in the final step.

Step 3 : Rigging & Animation

After getting the 3D model, the Rigging Artist Will setup the Bones and do Skinning of the Character. For the Perfect 3D Animation the Advanced Rigg is setup with facial expressions and all the controls.

After getting the Rigged File of the 3d Model, Animator will do the Animation on the 3d Model according to the Script and the Storyboard.

Step 4 : Lighting & Rendering

This is the final stage in developing the Animation video. The Lighting and Rendering are done by the Skilled Artist and He/she sets the Lights and settings of the scene according to the Video requirements.

After The test Renders are Approved the Full fledge rendering takes place on powerful computers,

Step 5 : Compositing

After the Rendering is Completed, We will composite the renders with vfx and color grading to get the final results.

So these were the basic stages to complete Either a 3d Character Model Final look or the 3D Animation Movie.

If you are seeking more details about the process and have any queries please do leave us a message and we will be more than happy to assist you in anything.