All things considered, to draw the interest of your target consumers and skyrocket sales, it is fundamental to ensure your marketing strategies are robust and make your brand stand apart. Did you know? 96% B2B business owners use 3D animation videos to attract customers, 81% of owners use some form of animation or explainer videos on their landing page, 93% use these for boosting sales.

 However, only 40% are able to scale their businesses and boost sales through such 3D videos. Why? Now, although there are a million explainer or product videos on the web, most of the content is old and uninteresting. While consumers demand innovative and newer content every day, here is your chance to make your 3D animation videos fascinating and different:


  1. Explain in few minutes

If you haven't heard of it yet, let me put the golden rule of digital marketing first: the ideal time duration of an explainer video is 60-90 seconds. This implies, the shorter, the better. Why? Because this time frame is enough to give out all hooking ends to your consumer to dive further into your business to find out the next step. Because this is the time frame till which an average consumer stays interested in watching the videos. Even, building a customized 3D animation video is of no practical use in reality if you don't keep in mind: no more than 150 words/minute.


  1. Narrate your brand's story

Your competitor can copy your product catalogue and also your marketing strategy, but not your brand's original story. Hence, it is always recommended to be as genuine as possible when you are putting your brand/product/service's story out to your customer. The more genuine it is, the more stronger the bond forms with your consumer and hence the better conversions, loyalty, and even referrals.


  1. Display your service attractively

Isn't it better to watch cash flowing in even when you are sleeping - through an active business? Well, for that to happen, your products have to be displayed innovatively and attractively, whichever platform you choose. Mostly, landing pages and social media stores are the best way of increasing aesthetics of your products. Use eye-catching, matching colored, and attractive product images. But most importantly, use a great strategy to showcase your products 24/7/365. There's no other secret formula to this than the creativity that lies in an expert animator's mind.


  1. Enhance readability

Readability and time required to go through the concept matters too, especially when it is a video solution. Pay improved attention to the fact that your 3D animation video solution has been crafted appropriately enough for your target customer to understand easily and quickly.


  1. Shareability of content

You can build different pieces of 3D animation videos to showcase your brand, market, or boost sales. While you do your part, you also have to make way for your consumers to add to your sales. The best way is improving shareability of the content over multiple social media platforms to increase views of the content. Make wise use of the various share buttons that can be applied to the content you showcase for your consumers to share and bring in cash for you even if they are not your direct purchasers.


Your ability to mold your consumer's decision is important and in that process, every move you make through your custom 3D animation videos matters equally. Starting from your landing page, ads to social media presence, website, keep no stone unturned to let the creativity flow in. Get your hands on the best 3D animation and marketing company that will aid you throughout your marketing struggle.