This is very senstive read if you are 18+

If you have come to this from somewhere Its means you already know about animation and porn industries in some way. I didn't want to talk about the origin of the Market but as per overview its comes from Japan. We already watching anime as they are going viral these days like Naruto, One punch man, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, One-piece, Steins; Gate (I will share my favourite one below). 

In this blog I will generally  talk about this topic and see what can we learn from it,

As today's kids love to watch Anime. there are lots of kids and young one have a huge attraction to Anime Porn(Hentai).  This is the first time I used the word "Hentai" you can assume it like it is a short form of animated porn, got a word of their own.

These market have a huge database as of now and every day these collection is growing like the big banyan tree & its roots going deep inside of every person on earth in some way. Everyone these days love to watch video or images rather than real faces(I mean physically). This is a huge opportunity for those who belong to these field related to (Animation, 3d, 2d, Motion Graphic etc...)

As of my research, every cartoon we see in our childhood have some sort of porn already made of and you can find one on the internet there is so little restriction. 

Hentai Drawing

Hentai Drawing

How we can utilize these things as an opportunity?

If you know the website name patron the website have a huge individual who shares these content based on the membership of some bucks. If you are an artist and want to earn some bucks on your own use this website as the start of your career in Hentai market.

How porn market is so huge?

If you don't know everybody watches porn in some way. Sexual intercourse is the basic need of every living being on earth. As a human being, we do sex but we try to hide and talk less about it until the age is right to discuss. But when we alone we love to get entertain by porn mostly male. This is the reason the porn market is huge but no one wants to talk about it. 

2d Drawing

2d Drawing

Examples of huge product in Animated Porn?

In 2008 a comic is introduced and become the huge hit the comic is "Savita Bhabhi" it goes viral in a few months, it is the best example.

Savita Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi

How to make an animated movie?

Creating an animated movie have lots of variables and quite a long process I will write a detailed blog about how we can create an Animated movie by our self or with a team, what process to follow, how we make less mistake in the start, what will be the obstacles, what is the workflow, what is the best medium for making a movie (3d,2d).

As I said here is my favourite Anime of all time is:-

  1. Stains Gate
  2. No game no life
  3. High School DxD
  4. One Punch man
  5. Fullmetal Alchemist (both version)
  6. Black clover
  7. Kakegurui
  8. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
  9. Re-life
  10. Sword Art Online