Whether you’re applying 3D animation rigging for construction, shipbuilding, architecture, or production, rigging is such an activity that demands much more serious efforts than it seems. But as time-consuming 3D character rigging is, its safety feature is of far more importance no matter where you are applying it. You shouldn’t choose any rigging equipment lightly and without research and expert opinion because the consequences can be really fatal. It is simply because using the wrong rigging equipment could result in a serious accident in the construction site, manufactured product, and so on. Several minute and important considerations should be kept in mind when choosing the rigging equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.


  1. Recognize your load limit


In a rigging equipment, nothing is a higher priority than your load limit. Before you can start thinking about the final equipment, you need to know what and the amount you're lifting. In case you are working in forest services and you need to fix a lot of logs, you can use something like wire ropes or so. Then again, when you're fixing delicate things like steel trailers, you'll need more grounded hardware, for example, chain slings. Hence, the load limit is important to decide the correct rigging equipment (hardware).


The load limit is the maximum weight that can be safely lifted by a particular rigging gear. All rigging equipment’s will indicate this safety load limit. So, it is your duty to pay close attention to check if it is the best one pertaining to your project. A single weak point can bring disaster upon the entire project and not to mention everyone's life risk. You must definitely check weight loads first before buying the particular gear that is rated for that weight.


  1. Think about the climate


The climate can make your 3D animation rigging process extremely simple or extremely troublesome. Prior to picking your equipment, you need to consider the temperature and atmosphere that you'll be working in. For example, in case you're working in a hot atmosphere, you'll need a solid wire rope that can withstand high temperatures. Furthermore, you'll need to consider the general climate for your equipment. In case you're working close to salt water, for instance, your equipment should be stainless steel to maintain a strategic distance from corrosion.


  1. Choose an excellent provider


Your 3D character rigging hardware isn't anything to go with a delicate one; delicate gears leads to mishaps. All things considered, think about the safety of your workers and yourself by getting your gear from a provider that sells high quality 3D character rigging equipment. Else, you will simply put your lives into danger by buying such cheap rigging gear. In reality, that is simply going to cost you more over the long haul by paying for accidents that might happen.


  1. Testing And Inspecting The Rigging Equipment

Evaluating and testing a rigging equipment before finalizing is a crucial process that should be taken into account. When evaluating and testing the gear, ensure you pay attention to all of the slings, tightening’s, and other components of the rigging equipment to ensure that everything is working safely and effectively. If a single component is out of order, it could bring havoc upon the project.


Although there could be other minor factors that determine the 3D animation rigging equipment, these are the most crucial ones to look out for. Temperature and weight load are the most crucial ones and cannot be neglected at any cost if you don't want to put anyone's life at stake. Testing must be done thoroughly and, if possible, multiple times to ensure no mishaps can happen with that equipment.