While sony does not disclose anything about there next-generation consoles apart from specs. X-box leaping showcasing their features and these are the most incredible feature I want from the console.


Most of the features in the Xbox has come from mobile gaming and Netflix in some way. What I mean by that we can pause the game in the middle of something(this is 19s technology) but the cool thing is we can start another game without quitting the last games not only that we can start multiple games and playback n forth any time we want. this is a great feature because some times my brother want to play the game while I am playing the campaign so I have to quit the game (sometimes with saving) this is so annoying cos the game have to start again and I have to complete the game I already cleared once not only that the game load time on the previous console is too much it feels like forever. Resume the game where you left sound similar to you "Yes" it is this we use currently in our mobile phone, yeah you can open multiple apps at a time and switch to any at any time(Like surfing on the chrome and Playing the tap-tap game in the background :)). So this is one of the great features on the software side I loved it. I am gamer by soul and game designer by profession so as a gamer I don't want to listen the Xbox have better memory and graphic like things As long as my game running smoothly I didn't bother to look at the specs as all we want. but as a developer we want our console to be future proof so we can develop games as this console generation stands and don't stop us or limit us in any way in future.

Xbox Intro


Both the Console X-Box Series X & Playstation 5 coming with SSD and this is great news for Us because in previous generations of consoles the game load time is huge(Lot to wait before the game loads) even in PlayStation 4 pro the story is the same so I swapped the HDD to SSD and after that game load times are significantly reduced. Playstation owner can do this officially here is the Guide for that Click here. (do this carefully or call out your technician friend).

Previous Generation Support

The next feature of Xbox is their HDR support in old games is a massive bombshell and I want my previous generation games to be played in the HDR quality and smoother fps so Xbox is our friend here and give those option and care about us(You can play the older game even if you don't have any disc via Xbox Game Pass Click here they add new games regularly). Great news from Xbox is it gonna support previous-generation games(from Xbox 1) in Xbox Series X(while Playstation not supporting even Ps3 - Ps4 games at launch).  

Gamepad Controller

About the Controller, on Both Console, I like the new design of the Playstation and I think they put a huge amount of time for redesigning the overall shape of the controller on the opposite of the Xbox controller is already good and they make there controller comfortable for small hand person(But I want to see some visual design Improvement apart there is only one Dpad on Xbox controller). Xbox also includes new share button for easy social sharing.

Games Coming to the XBOX Series X

These are the confirmed games coming to Xbox Series X and more

  1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  2. The Medium
  3. DIRT 5
  5. Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  6. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
  7. Scorn
  8. Bright Memory: Infinite
  9. Chorus
  10. Second Extinction
  11. Call of the Sea
  12. The Ascent

Games Coming to the Playstation 5

These are the games confirmed coming to Playstation 5 and more

  1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 (or whatever the name gonna be)
  3. Watch Dogs: Legion
  4. Outriders
  5. Godfall
  6. Rainbow Six Siege
  7. Next God of war
  8. Warframe
  9. Fortnite
  10. WRC 9
  11. Observer 
  12. Call of Duty: WarZone

As we know very little about Playstation I cannot share any other details about it but here is the video of the controller.